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Our Story

When Mary Ann Crofoot was living and working as a para-educator for a school in California, it’s unlikely she thought that one day she’d own a pet grooming business in her hometown of Fowlerville. But events, as they often do, changed the circumstances of her life.

After returning to Michigan and holding a variety of other positions, Mary Ann was urged by some friend to enroll at the Academy of Animal Arts in Dearborn. Two weeks after completing this training, Mary Ann was hired as a groomer at ‘You Lucky Dog’ in Hamburg, MI. “That was my internship,” she said. “I stayed about a year-and-a-half.”

In 2011, Mary Ann decided to open a business in Downtown Fowlerville and call it Sud-Z-Pet. As the business grew, and there was a need for more space. So Sud-Z-Pet moved from its first location to a bigger space across the street. “It’s about 1,300 square feet,” she said, “which is about twice the space as my previous place.”

Our Current Location

There is a lobby and reception area. Three tubs have been set up for bathing, including a ‘bath-your —own pet’ for those wishing this more affordable option. Also in this area are stations where the dog or cat can be clipped and groomed.

“We have a space for large dogs and a separate one for smaller breeds,” noted Mary Ann. “Our grooming session includes the bath, a haircut or de-shedding for the big dogs, a nail trim, work on the pads, and cleaning the ears and teeth. We offer special shampoos and flea baths when needed. People love what we do with their big dogs.”

With the extra space, Mary Ann will now be offering day care so the pet can spend the day at the shop. “We’ll be adding a lady to our staff who’ll take the dogs out for a walk or will take care of them inside the shop,” said Mary Ann. “She’ll be joining our present staff which includes a professional groomer, a dog handler, a certified bather, and a receptionist—my sister, Peggy Ogden.

Staff Training

Mary Ann said that continuing her and the staff’s training is a high priority. “The first weekend in September after Labor Day we go to a convention at Hershey, Pennsylvania. “There are several thousand people from around the country who go there to learn the newest techniques and products for taking care of dogs. Things change every year on what we (groomers) should do. Some people get stuck in the past, but you need to keep up on your training and knowledge.”

“Our business has been steadily growing,” she said. “Right now, we’re averaging 10 to 15 dogs and cats per day. I enjoy grooming the pets. I could do that all day and never get tired of it.”

Business Hours

Sud-Z-Pet Grooming is open six days a week. The hours are 12 p.m. until the last pet leaves on Sunday and Monday, closed Tuesday, and 9 a.m. until the last pet leaves on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.